What is The Hymn Project?

The Hymn Project is a 7-CD collection of 200 hymns, packaged in two complete sets.

The first set, entitled, “The Hymn Project: An Anthology from America’s Church Houses,” features 150 hymns on 5 CDs. The second set, entitled, “The Hymn Project: A Holiday Collection from America’s Church Houses,” features 50 hymns on 2 CDs, including Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, and Patriotic titles.

To see an alphabetized list of the titles offered on The Hymn Project, please see the List of Songs page!

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What songs are on The Hymn Project?

An alphabetized list of the hymns included on The Hymn Project can be found on the List of Songs page.

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How did you determine which hymns to include on The Hymn Project?

We set out to choose the most often used and requested hymns in today’s churches, and so consulted the experience of many church musicians, church goers, and church leaders. We wanted to create an extensive collection that was compact, graceful, and easy to use. Our feedback from users leads us to believe we achieved our goal!

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How many verses are played for each hymn?

Each hymn features the number of verses that are traditionally sung in congregational settings, based on our research and experience. If you’d like to see how many verses are included in a particular hymn, we have provided documents just for that purpose, both for Set 1 and Set 2. Created to be conveniently printed off, you can keep them with you as you plan services or music for your event – click here!

While we believe we’ve chosen the most broadly useful number of verses, key, etc, we also realize that traditions are different around the country and world. We believe you’ll find The Hymn Project to be a good fit!

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How were the hymns played? And are there introductions, more than one verse?

The hymns were played directly from the hymnbook, as one would hear them in a church setting. There are no embellishments or stylizations, no voices, and no additional instruments. This very simplicity is what distinguishes The Hymn Project and makes it useful for congregational singing, background music, and a host of other situations.

The hymns were performed with you, the user, in mind! Each one features an introduction to make it clear where the verses actually begin. And, where applicable, the hymns include multiple verses. The number of verses was carefully chosen: each hymn features the number of verses traditionally sung in congregational settings.

To see how many verses are included in a particular hymn, we have provided documents just for that purpose, located here! Created to be conveniently printed off, you can keep them with you as you plan services or music for your event.

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Is it just piano?

Yes, The Hymn Project is a compilation of 200 hymns on solo piano. This simplicity is foundational for its usefulness and beauty as a resource for churches, nursing homes, funeral homes, and gatherings of all kinds. Similar recordings have featured either full orchestrations or stylized embellishments. Other products have provided only MIDI or digital versions of the hymns, which can be difficult to use and lacking in sound quality. The Hymn Project is the first product to compile such an extensive collection of hymns, performed by a real pianist, directly from the hymnbook – in a compact and easy-to-use package.

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Can I listen to samples of the music, to hear what it sounds like?

Yes! On each page of our website is a media player that will allow you to hear complete samples of the hymns. (Make sure the volume is turned up on your computer!) We want you to feel confident in the sound and quality of our product.

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Does The Hymn Project have any additional uses, outside of congregational singing? How else could I use this?

While The Hymn Project is the perfect hymn accompaniment resource for congregational singing, it has also found a home in several other situations.

Here are some other examples of where it is finding use:

Background music at church events and dinners, background tracks for performers, tracks for practicing performance and leading, devotional music, nursing and retirement homes, wedding music, funeral homes, inspirational music for the military and others far from home, piano study, and in private and public libraries as an archive of traditional faith music.

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Is it easy to use?

The Hymn Project was designed to be intuitive and easy to use. If you can operate a CD player, you can use The Hymn Project!

Each individual CD was designed to include hymns with variety of song tempos, subjects, and styles – all so that you can plan a service or event using just one of the CDs if you wish.

If you have access to a computer at your church/organization, you can use your computer’s audio player software to place all 200 songs on your computer, and then create a “playlist” of just the hymns you plan to use in a particular setting.

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Where can I obtain lyrics to the hymns on The Hymn Project? Do you sell hymnals or songbooks with The Hymn Project?

When creating The Hymn Project, we chose not to include lyrics, because there are so many hymns for which the words vary from tradition to tradition. We also wanted to keep costs down for churches and other organizations, so we set out to make The Hymn Project work easily with the resources these groups already have on-hand, including their current hymnals, songbooks, Powerpoint files, etc.

However, if you do need to find or purchase lyrics or hymnals, we generally recommend The Celebration Hymnal, as well as the non-profit online resource At, you can look up any hymn by title or excerpt, then print it out or transfer the words to Powerpoint. (Please respect all copyrights!)

While we are not affiliated with either of these companies, we’ve found them to be excellent resources for our customers. The Celebration Hymnal includes 196 of our hymns, and it is also available in a Large Print edition. The four hymns not included in The Celebration Hymnal are:

  • “Burdens are Lifted at Calvary”
  • “Dwelling in Beulah Land”
  • “Ivory Palaces”
  • “Wounded For Me”

However, these four can all be found at

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I’m with a church that has several instrumentalists, and/or offers a different style of music. Could I still use The Hymn Project?

Yes! The Hymn Project is an extraordinary resource to keep on-hand for emergency and last-minute situations such as the unavailability of a pianist, or for use at events such as funerals, weddings, or background music for your events. In addition, many churches have chosen to purchase The Hymn Project for their senior citizen ministries, to use in local nursing homes, or to keep in their libraries for members to access and enjoy.

(A group of teens from a mega-church in Indianapolis recently planned to go to a local nursing home to sing hymns with the residents there. At the last minute, they were forced to cancel, because they were unable to find an pianist to play for them. One of the youth leaders said that The Hymn Project would have been perfect for their situation.)

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How was The Hymn Project recorded? Is this a quality recording?

At every step along the way, The Hymn Project has sought the most professional and well-regarded tools and systems, to ensure that we could offer you the finest collection of hymns on solo piano. The Hymn Project is truly unique in its sound, professionalism, and quality. All 200 hymns were professionally recorded on a seven-foot Yamaha Grand Piano that was tuned daily to ensure the best possible sound, and were performed by a professional church accompanist.

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What does it look like?

The care and attention given to every detail of The Hymn Project extends into its packaging and artwork. We set out to create not only powerfully useful, but also with a look and feel that reflects the history and meaningfulness of these hymns. Our goal was that the packaging itself would inspire you and that it would honor the music it contained. You can see images of the packaging and the CDs on the Order Page. We are humbled by the skill and intricacy exhibited by the artists who created it: Critically-acclaimed photographer Michael Wilson and graphic designer Owen Brock.

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How much does it cost?

You can order Set 1 and Set 2 of The Hymn Project for only $99, plus shipping. You can also purchase each set individually, Set 1 for $79 and Set 2 for $29. For roughly 50 cents a song, you will have an incredible resource and timeless archive at your fingertips. Please Order here!

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Can I get a discount for ordering multiple copies?

Yes! We offer discounts for multiple purchases. If you plan on ordering multiple copies of The Hymn Project, please contact us directly via our Contact page.

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Are these songs copyrighted? Did you get permission to record them?

Yes! The best way we could honor this music was to record it masterfully and to ensure that all copyrights were respected. Many of these hymns are in the public domain, and for those remaining we worked with the Church Copyright Association to attain licensing and permission. You (and we) can rest assured that we have honored the music as well as its writers. Thank you for asking!

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Is there a return policy?

Yes! Any unopened CD set can be returned for any reason within 30 days of purchase for a refund. Upon receipt of the item, we will credit your credit card.

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