The Hymn Project is in use across the country and in places around the world. Read users’ stories below.

“We just have to express our joy with your hymn project CD set. It truly is an answer to prayer. Our organist passed away a few years ago and the gentleman who graciously offered to fill in recently had a stroke. His musical abilities are somewhat returning, but he is still struggling. So, we desperately needed an additional resource during this difficult time for our music program. God works in wonderful and mysterious ways and He truly is using you to fill a great need for smaller congregations. Thank you so much for such a quality product… what a blessing!”
Linda B.

“Thank You very much! We are excited to use this on Sunday evenings, as we are a small church and often have no pianist available at that time. We also plan to use on Sunday mornings when our musicians cannot be present. We considered other recordings, but believe this offers us the best option as far as overall sound and ‘singability’ for our congregation.”
Jordan T.

“Received the order and they sound just right! Used the sound system at our Church and they’re going to work out great as a ‘just in case’ and for working up some hymns with our choir to sing alternate verses with the congregation. Thanks for all your help. They’re going to work out great!”
Betty T.

“The CDs arrived today – much sooner than I would have anticipated. You don’t even know how helpful this product is for small to medium churches that have recently lost a piano player. Thanks a bunch!”
Chris Seigler

“To hear the old hymns is so rare these days, especially when played with
minimal embellishments. Using as a substitute for a piano player
is a much needed service. Thank you for doing it.”
Dennis Foreman

“It has been great. Our piano player recently left us so my husband and I have taken over the music and the cd’s are a God send!! We would be unable to have a song service if we didn’t have the cd’s…. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for music to sing with, this is top of the line!!!”
Rebecca Lord

“We had an emergency this morning when our organist/pianist called in sick. Next time I’ll have these CD’s ready.”
Larry Lockhart

“I love the CD’s. The keys, tempo and etc. I am a retired pastor who attends a small church with only one pianist. These CDs are her backup. I hope you come out with more CDs. Keep up the good work.”
Dr. David Parker

“I want to say thanks for this great help for smaller churches such as ours.”
Otis Medley

“I am looking forward to giving this music to my Mother. She is not able to sing in the choir but still loves to listen to the hymns.”
Sharon Temple

“We received the cd’s and they’re great! What a blessing! Our church has been in need of these for awhile now.”
Amy Garvick

“My husband is pastor and I currently lead music. We are in need of instrumentalists so this project will be an awesome addition to our current services. Thanks!”
Angela Moore

“My wife and I are enjoying the hymns. This is a fine product.”
Ron Sanderson

“Really appreciated reading about your project and love what you’re doing. I’m an old-school Lutheran who still loves the old-time hymns.”
Matt Heinz

“My husband and I attend a small, non-denominational church… On most Sundays there are only about 30 of us. I know most of the old hymns, so I’ve been leading the singing, but it’s really difficult for the congregation without any accompaniment. I was thrilled to discover your website and to listen to the samples of the hymns. I seem to know about 99 percent of the list. I know that our little church will be excited to finally have some music. Thanks again for The Hymn Project!”
Allyce Lew

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for The Hymn Project! Our pianist has taken ill and we purchased this to help out until she is well again. It has worked wonderfully! It’s user friendly and has been a blessing. I recommend it for anyone – so easy to sing with and beautifully done”
Erin Holmes

“I’m very pleased with the quality of the collection. We use the songs whenever our pianist is unavailable; and, it’s worked very well. May God Bless Your ministry!”
Nancy Crisp

“We have been using the CD’s at the church in between when our musician can be there for about six months and have no problems. Thanks so much!”
Mark Allen

“We received our CDs and they were a life saver during the Christmas season. We are very pleased with the CDs and are looking forward to using them during our worship time.”
Linda Helms

“We have a very small church and our piano player is frequently not there, especially in the summer…. it was getting really hard to sing without music all the time. The Hymn Project has worked out very well for our church. We use it quite frequently. If you ever make more music with a similar format please let me know I would be the first one to buy it.”
Cindy Whitten

“I just returned home from a visit and there on the kitchen table was The Hymn Project. I am listening to them right now and they seem to be an answer to our prayer. Thank you for responding by email and phone message so quickly to my questions. Thanks and may God bless you and the project.”
Rich Haley

“They arrived today – the sound is great!”
Jim Still

“The Hymn Project has been working fine for us. Our Piano player had to go up north to be with her brother after an accident and we have been using The Hymn Project to fill in. It’s great.”
Ted Anderson

“I just received my CD today and I like them all. I will use them at my church to sing along in my language. I like them so much and thank you very much.”
Ourai Vongphothong

“I received my CDs, very proud of them. My husband especially loves them. Thanks!”
Sue Taylor

“As a pastor of a small Church, (75-100), there are times when we find ourselves without a piano player due to Vacation, illness etc… Your Hymn Project is the answer to my Prayers. You have the right songs, the right style, and it is as if we still have our piano player in our services. Your product is simple, basic, and efficient. Thank you for keeping the main thing the main thing and providing what everyone else just seems unable to do. Good quality piano Hymns. Thank you.”
Pastor Robert Davis

“To have another generation of believers be exposed and hear the depth of meaning these spiritual songs give is encouraging. What a blessing and how comforting they are. Thanks for putting this collection together. We all have enjoyed hearing them very much.”
Thomas Drake

“We family worship and sometimes with other friends. Fabulous music. There are a lot of people home worshipping and would love something such as this to use. Thank you very much.”
Barbara Barker

“THANK YOU so much! I got the CDs out of the mail Saturday and we played some AWESOME Christmas songs on Sunday… May God Bless you for helping us, and we will spread the word for any small churches that are needing some piano music… Keep up the good work!”
Deb Hayes

“We don’t have a pianist yet. So, this seems a very good idea. Keep adding more hymns. I’ll gladly buy them all.”
Pastor Maykel Hernandez

“We’re a contemporary church that nevertheless very much wants to stay connected to historical Christian worship, and your CDs will make that possible. I haven’t found anything on the market that is as perfect for our needs as this. I appreciate your help, and God bless!”
Pastor Jason Huff

“I received the CDs a few days ago and have really enjoyed listening to them. I think that hymns sound best when presented simply – without the drama or prettification that too-often takes the poignancy out of them – and your CD really works for me. In fact, I’ve looking for just these kinds of performances for years and I’m pleased to include them in my music collection. Congratulations on a tasteful, meaningful and truly spiritual effort.”
Luis Castro

“Thank you again! I really enjoy these CDs. We only have an organist here and sometimes the music got a little ‘dry’. The CDs fill in so nicely.”
Julie Jackson

“We are members of a Cowboy Church that is starting up in a small town, we have about 20 members and I was just searching on the internet looking for music on CD since we don’t have a piano. We do LOVE what you have done. Thanks for all the hard work.”
Deb Hayes

“We are still using the hymns and we like them quite a bit. People have asked me if the songs are coming out of our keyboard, and also whether I’ve recorded myself playing at home, both of which are a testament to their quality, I think. We are getting a new pianist in a couple weeks but will continue to use The Hymn Project when he’s on vacation or there’s an errant snowstorm (we’re in Vermont). Overall, we’ve been very pleased with them.”
Kelly Collar

“A former pastor gave The Hymn Project CDs to our church to accompany Sunday morning worship. We’re a small congregation without a pianist/organist. I was asked to be assistant song leader, didn’t know many of the hymns our church sang and ordered my own set. I play hammered and mountain dulcimers mostly by ear. The Hymn Project CDs also help me learn to play hymns unfamiliar to me. I love the CD set and would recommend it to anyone needed church music backup or to learn to play hymns.”
Charlena Burns

“I really appreciate your project and I will make sure to share the word if I hear anybody needing your music.”
Clara Terry

“In November of 2008 I planted a church community in a nursing home. Although I have several dedicated volunteer musicians, once in a while none of them can make it to worship. The Hymn project is my “back-up” musician. That CD and the song sheets sit in a storage area, ready to “fill-in” at a moment’s notice. The songs are done in a manner very similar to what my congregation is used to, and it’s a much smoother transition than trying to use “commercial” CDs that are arranged to highlight the talents of a particular singer or musician. I have also used them in bible studies and memorial services. In memorial services they are not only appropriate for group singing, but also as background music during the viewing/gathering phase of the service.”
Lawrence Nielsen

“To have another generation of believers be exposed and hear the depth of meaning these spiritual songs give is encouraging. We have had a praise band but he and many others love the “timeless” hymns. What a blessing and how comforting they are.”
Thomas S Drake, Warrant Officer, US Army

“We received the CD’s and they sound great! We used them for part of our Worship Service today. They are so easy to sing along with. Our congregation is small and I have been using a small keyboard (I don’t play well anyway), so these CD’s will be a wonderful addition for our Worship Services.”
Pam Powell

“Thank you for all your help…. We were both pleasantly surprised that you’ll be sending it so promptly. A friend from Joplin is coming to South Africa next week, so we’re praying my sister will receive the CDs in time to send them with him…. She hadn’t heard about the Hymn Project, and was very impressed with the samples she listened to on your website. As she put it, ‘I wonder why nobody thought of this a long time ago!'”
Phoebe Rees, Missionary

“I’ve been waiting for quite some time for a project like this to happen. The Christian church that I serve is very small and about 6 years ago our pianist/organist was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, and about 4 years ago decided that she could no longer play. I had to quickly put together a music program based on CD’s and PowerPoint. Most of the hymns on CD were just not good enough to sing with and then I saw an advertisement for The Hymn Project. I listened to some brief selections on your website and really liked what I heard. Our pianist/organist died in early March of this year, and as a tribute to her I bought the complete set of CD’s. I am now in the process of synchronizing them to the words in my PowerPoint slides. This coming Lord’s Day, I will be presenting the first 5 or 6 that I have completed to the congregation…
Thanks for making these great Hymns of the Faith available (and sing-able).”
Bill Shewmaker, Minister

“I am a lay preacher who occasionally provides pulpit supply to very small churches. It is common for no live accompaniment or good quality recorded accompaniment to be available. In the past, I have spent hours searching on-line for free midi or mp3 files (often just one stanza) to download, and then use music editing software to create accompaniment for the entire hymn. With The Hymn Project, I can load the hymns into my iPod, plug in a couple of powered speakers and provide the congregation with high quality recorded accompaniment that is easy to hear and follow.”
George Dudley

“We use one of the songs from The Hymn Project every week. We employ a ‘blended’ music style at the church, and The Hymn Project helps greatly without a pianist available. I am terrifically impressed with The Hymn Project, and recommended it twice this past weekend! Thanks for The Hymn Project!”
Bill McKinney, Liberty Bible Church

“Worship should be an essential part of most small groups. However, few group leaders are professional musicians, and many feel nervous or inadequate when it comes to leading other people in song. Fortunately, SmallGroups.com has partnered with The Hymn Project to bring you a variety of classic hymns that can be used in your group…”
Christianity Today’s www.smallgroups.com

“I received the 7-cd collection and I am so impressed. They are all just beautifully done. I am music director for a small church and I use these hymns every Sunday. Music is so important for the church service, when we lost our piano player, we were afraid the whole church would disband. For a couple of Sundays, we sang with no music – but I mean to tell you, that just doesn’t do it. I was able to find some public domain music online and, out of necessity, I used them – but they were not the quality I wanted. I also used some of my personal instrumental hymns, but as you said on your site, they were all stylized and very difficult to ‘sing’ to. Because your hymns are played right out of the hymnal, I have been able to easily introduce some new songs to the congregation. Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication. It is truly appreciated.”
Diana Smead, Music Director

“We’re really enjoying the Hymn Project CD’s! It is a great resource and perfect for so many worship occasions. We have many small group gatherings on campus, and often times we want to sing but don’t have a piano available. The Hymn Project CD’s interface perfectly with our hymnals and fit seamlessly into our gatherings. Thanks!”
Sherry Tucker, Mount Holyoke College

“Most of my ministry actually happens in my own home, whether ministering one-on-one to some hurting soul or leading a small home church group. I know many, many home church groups and ministries would GREATLY benefit from the wonderful collection of hymns found on The Hymns Project. One of the most-asked questions I receive is ‘how can I lead worship in my small group when no one knows how to play an instrument?’ That question is answered here. And think of the added benefit of maintaining the rich heritage of Christian hymnody this wonderful volume affords. I think every worship leader would benefit from having this project in their library!”
Dennis Jernigan, Worship Leader

“As an Army Chaplain deployed to Iraq, access to quality hymn accompaniment would be valuable as we have significant limitations in instrumentation, especially for JSSs and COPs where we lead worship with only a few Soldiers. Equipment for playing recorded music is easily accessible, even at our more remote locations. While quality recordings of contemporary music are readily available, usable recordings of the great hymns of the church are not. Having ready access to this kind of material would significantly enrich the breadth of worship music for our Soldiers.”
CH (CPT) Derek M Pottinger, Battalion Chaplain 1-27IN

“I was a lay-leader on 2 FFGs during the later part of my 26 years. The cassette tapes that we had were almost impossible to use. These CD’s, with their index, would have been great.”
John P. Ray. ETC USN Ret

“…A groundbreaking collection of 200 hymns… a perfect solution for absent pianists…”
Christianity Today’s “Your Church Magazine”

“…So many churches have a hard time finding a fine pianist, and the new generation often does not know the great hymns. Therefore, The Hymn Project fills a great need. I highly recommend this good work.”
Dr. Ken E. Read, Cincinnati Christian University

“I think this is a valuable resource for worship ministry.”
Jim Hart, President of the Robert E. Webber Institute for Worship Studies

“…I will leaving for Iraq in March for a second tour there. I have much experience of deployments, worship services, and limited resources… I like hymns and believe it or not my experience is that many young people enjoy revisiting them (it is the baby boomers who resist it the most). I struggle with my limited guitar abilities and would welcome a simple CD resource to be used for congregational singing.”
CPT. R. Patrick Moore

“Hymns teach us so much about music and faith… To the Church, they are statements of what we believe and who we believe in. Often modern songs used in worship, while they have their place, neglect intricate harmonies and theological stances that were so prevalent in our musical heritage of hymns. Just the thought of this project will be a blessing to many.”
David Buckham, Minister

“…Because my chaplain couldn’t do music, most of our ‘services’ were done through music on my ipod, so being able to have this resource available would be amazing.”
SGT. C. Pogue