Need a pianist? The Hymn Project is the hymn accompaniment solution you’ve been looking for!

The Hymn Project is a seven CD collection of 200 hymns performed on solo piano, played directly from the hymnbook, in a traditional hymnal style. It’s easy to lead, easy to sing along with, and no musical training or special equipment is necessary. Order your CDs now to take care of your accompaniment needs!

The Hymn Project is ideal for:

  • Accompaniment for Church Congregations, Sunday School, Small Groups, Bible Studies, Choir Rehearsals
  • When a pianist is unavailable
  • Nursing Homes, Retirement Homes, Hospital Chapels
  • Military and Civilian Chaplains, Prison Fellowships and Ministries
  • A treasured gift for a friend, loved one, and/or music lover

Read a sample of users’ experience with The Hymn Project below:

“The CDs are a God send! We would be unable to have a song service if we didn’t have the CDs…”
Rebecca L.

“We had an emergency this morning when our organist/pianist called in sick. Next time I’ll have these CDs ready.”
Larry L.

“I want to say thanks for this great help for smaller churches such as ours.”
Otis M.

“We received the CDs and they’re great! What a blessing! Our church has been in need of these for a while now.”
Amy G.

“I was thrilled to discover your website and to listen to the samples of the hymns. I seem to know about 99 percent of the list. I know that our little church will be excited to finally have some music.”
Allyce L.

“We use the songs whenever our pianist is unavailable and they’ve worked very well.”
Nancy C.

“It’s user friendly and has been a blessing. I recommend it for anyone – so easy to sing with and beautifully done.”
Erin H.

“We did receive our CDs and they were a lifesaver during the Christmas season.”
Linda H.

“I just received my CDs today and I like them all. I will use them at my church to sing along in my language.”
Ourai V.

“Your Hymn Project is the answer to my prayers. You have the right songs, the right style, and it is as if we still have our piano player in our services.”
Robert D.

“You don’t even know how helpful this product is for small to medium churches that have recently lost a piano player.”
Chris S.

“To have another generation of believers be exposed and hear the depth of meaning these spiritual songs give is encouraging. What a blessing and how comforting they are.”
Thomas D.

“There are a lot of people home worshipping and would love something such as this to use.”
Barbara B.

“We’re a contemporary church that nevertheless very much wants to stay connected to historical Christian worship, and your CDs make that possible.”
Jason H.

“I think that hymns sound best when presented simply – and your CDs really work for me. In fact, I’ve looking for just these kinds of performances for years and I’m pleased to include them in my music collection.”
Luis C.

“I love the CD set and would recommend it to anyone needed church music backup or to learn to play hymns.”
Charlena B.

“Although I have several dedicated volunteer musicians, once in a while none of them can make it to worship. The Hymn project is my “back-up” musician.”
Lawrence N.

“Your product is simple, basic, and efficient. Thank you for keeping the main thing the main thing and providing what everyone else just seems unable to do.”
Robert D.

“With The Hymn Project I can load the hymns into my iPod, plug in a couple of powered speakers, and provide the congregation with high quality recorded accompaniment that is easy to hear and follow.”
George D.

“Because your hymns are played right out of the hymnal, I have been able to easily introduce some new songs to the congregation.”
Diana S.

“I think every worship leader would benefit from having this project in their library!”
Dennis J.

“The Hymn Project CDs interface perfectly with our hymnals and fit seamlessly into our gatherings.”
Sherry T.