The Hymn Project is 200 instrumental piano hymns on 7CDs, played Directly from the hymnal.

Easy to accompany your church, gathering, or group.

Needing piano for SINGING hymns? this is for you!

The Hymn Project was created to provide the experience of a pianist playing the hymns from the hymnal - a familiar style that's easy to sing along with, that feels comfortable and at home in any situation. With 200 of the most sung hymns on 7 CDs, you can use the tools that you already have (a CD player, computer, smart phone, tablet) to play the hymns and lead your congregation, group, or to just enjoy the music that has been a part of the faith for generations.

If you don’t have a pianist available, The Hymn Project CDs can provide the accompaniment you need for your worship service or gathering, with the sound you want.

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Order both Set 1 and Set 2 of The Hymn Project, for 200 hymns over seven CDs – the best selection of instrumental piano hymns to cover any occasion, celebration, holiday, and more.

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SET 1 : 150 HYMNS ON 5 CDS

With 150 hymns over five CDs, Set 1 of The Hymn Project provides you with the perfect selection of instrumental piano hymns for any occasion and setting.

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Adding 50 hymns over two CDs that cover a variety of holidays and celebrations, Set 2 of The Hymn Project is the perfect companion providing instrumental piano hymns for the special days throughout the year.

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"We got The Hymn Project and used it this past Sunday and it worked great. We no longer have to worry about not having a piano player available - this is an amazing backup, and blessed assurance."
Dave S.

“The CDs are a God send! We would be unable to have a song service if we didn’t have the CDs…”
Rebecca L.

“Your Hymn Project is the answer to my prayers. You have the right songs, the right style, and it is as if we still have our piano player in our services.”
Robert D.

“We considered other recordings, but believe this offers us the best option as far as overall sound and ‘singability’ for our congregation.”
Jordan T.

“We had an emergency this morning when our organist/pianist called in sick. Next time I’ll have these CDs ready.”
Larry L.

“I was thrilled to discover your website and to listen to the samples of the hymns. I seem to know about 99 percent of the list. I know that our little church will be excited to finally have some music.”
Allyce L.

“We use the songs whenever our pianist is unavailable and they’ve worked very well.”
Nancy C.

“It’s user friendly and has been a blessing. I recommend it for anyone – so easy to sing with and beautifully done.”
Erin H.

“We did receive our CDs and they were a lifesaver during the Christmas season.”
Linda H.

“You don’t even know how helpful this product is for small to medium churches that have recently lost a piano player.”
Chris S.

“There are a lot of people home worshipping and would love something such as this to use.”
Barbara B.

“I think that hymns sound best when presented simply – and your CDs really work for me. In fact, I’ve looking for just these kinds of performances for years and I’m pleased to include them in my music collection.”
Luis C.

“Although I have several dedicated volunteer musicians, once in a while none of them can make it to worship. The Hymn project is my “back-up” musician.”
Lawrence N.

“With The Hymn Project I can load the hymns into my iPod, plug in a couple of powered speakers, and provide the congregation with high quality recorded accompaniment that is easy to hear and follow.”
George D.

“I think every worship leader would benefit from having this project in their library!”
Dennis J.