The Back-Up Piano Player

One of the most common uses for The Hymn Project that we hear about from our customers is that of the ‘Back-Up Piano Player.’ 

Whether due to sickness, an accident, or lack of availability, the absence of a piano player who a congregation relies on for musical accompaniment can make for a difficult last minute situation!

The Hymn Project provides a perfect ‘just in case’ solution for those situations and is easy to put to use regardless of the technical capabilities of a church.  If someone can use a CD player, they can use The Hymn Project.  Each CD has a variety of hymns that cover different subjects, tempos, and keys, providing the capability for a wide range of song services from just one CD!  Multiply that across the seven CDs that make up the two CD sets and you have a vast selection of hymns for any occasion.

The information about which hymns are on which CD is located in the CD booklet that comes with each CD set, with the hymns organized both alphabetically and sequentially - making it easy to find the hymns you’re looking for!  If you’d like even more information, you can download our resource sheets that include additional information for each hymn including the number of verses, key, and more: 
Set 1 Resource List
Set 2 Resource List

We hope that The Hymn Project can provide for that 'back-up' need for you - and for much more.