Where Did The Hymn Project Come From?

Hymns have been a part of our story from the beginning.

My father in law is a preacher, and all four of his daughters took piano lessons as children - specifically to be able to play the hymns.  Laura, the pianist and co-founder of The Hymn Project, has played piano hymns in churches from her childhood onward, and continues to travel home to play the hymns on occasion.

This project began with a need we encountered, a need that’s since been experienced by so many of our customers over the past many years, in so many situations:
The pianist at church is sick and unable to play - could you come play?
We’d like some simple piano hymns to accompany this funeral - could you come play?
We don’t have any music to accompany the congregation’s singing - could you come play?

For us it started with a specific ask: Could you just record yourself playing some of the hymns that we could use?

We began thinking about how to put together a collection of piano hymns like that - with a depth of hymns selection, that would be easy to use and well laid out for any congregation or group or individual, presented beautifully in a way that honored that music and usage, for any situation that might be needed.  

Fast forward to now, and over the past 10 years of The Hymn Project we’ve heard of these hymns finding a home in so many churches as a backup or supplement if a pianist was unavailable.  We’ve heard of them being used for home gatherings, with chaplains, overseas.  We’ve heard of them finding a home with groups leading singing at nursing homes.  And we’ve heard of them finding life in individuals' homes, as a connection to a tradition of faith reaching back generations.

When beginning The Hymn Project, we believed that there were situations that people could really use something like this.  From your feedback, we’re so happy that we did, and for this music and tradition to continue on today.